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Tuesday, July 30, 2013





THE GREEN BLOODDirector Andrea Segre ¦ Italy ¦ 2010 ¦ 57'

The January 2010 riots in the small town of Rosarno, Calabria, brought to light the unjust and inhuman conditions in which thousands of African labourers live and work. Since the Nineties, in Italy, and specifically in certain areas of Southern Italy where the presence of organized crime is widespread, thousands of immigrants are exploited in agriculture. In Rosarno, African immigrants are exploited as orange pickers, and have become the target of racist bullying and threats by local gangs. On January 7th 2010, after yet another racist attack, the immigrants of Rosarno let their anger fuel an explosive riot, which included looting and destruction.
In a few hours the immigrants were “cleared” from Rosarno and the problem was “resolved.” To forge a consensus among the fearful Italian public, politicians stated on television that legality had been restored and that undocumented immigrants would soon be deported from Italy. But the stories of those involved in the Rosarno riots tell a different truth.

The film follows some of the people involved in the riots and through them sheds light on the hidden sides of the riots, which mainstream media did not portray. The film unveils the complex reality of agro-mafia, exploitation and racism that foreign workers have to face, isolated and deprived of their rights.




Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Opening times: 6.30pm

Venue: Italian Cultural Institute

Organised by: Italian Cultural Institute

In collaboration with:

Free event, book online


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