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December 2014

Just a few lines, dear friends of the Italian Cultural Institute in London, a few lines to mention our events for the month of December. We had an intense autumn season and now, before the run-up to the holidays, we offer you a few dates, as we know you are all so busy around an already Christmassy and madly chaotic London.

This week:

Friday 28, 6.30pm
Michele Serra, Massimo Ammaniti, Alessandra Lemma in: New teen-agers

The world and the lives of teenagers are constantly subject to quick, sudden and unpredictable changes, so much so that adults and older generations find themselves unprepared and helpless to confront these changes, particularly when they refer to and rely on their own past experiences.

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Special event:

Christmas Concert

LA CHIARASTELLA - Ambrogio Sparagna and Orchestra Popolare Italiana

La ChiaraStella is a concert conceived for the OPI - Orchestra Popolare Italiana by Ambrogio Sparagna (conductor, accordionist and ethnomusicologist). It is dedicated to traditional Italian Christmas songs of which it maintains the original spirit.

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At the Institute:

Suona Italiano

Suona Italiano is a project by the Fondazione Musica per Roma with the Italian Cultural Institute, to promote and diffuse Italian music in the United Kingdom.
Suona Italiano and the Italian Cultural Institute will bring concerts, collaborations with cultural institutions, master classes, meetings and exchanges, taking place at the Institute as well as in other prestigious venues. 

Here the full programme. 
Here all the events at the Institute

The invention of the garden: Italy and England tell their stories

The Italian Cultural Institute presents three talks on Italian and English gardens, their relationship, their historical development and the shared experience of their designers.

Coming up:
Early Georgian architecture and gardens and their Italian references: 1715-1750

Writers in Residence
Valerio Magrelli
translates Attilio Bertolucci

Emanuele Trevi on: 
Mervyn Peake
George Orwell

Taccuino Londinese
di Elisabetta Rasy

Roberto Alajmo
La Sicilia vista dalla Luna

Giorgio Montefoschi:
"Writing: what an effort!"

Eventi per bambini dai 3 ai 12 anni

Continua la fortunata serie di eventi per bambini organizzati in stretta collaborazione tra l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Londra e La Scuola Italiana di Londra, una domenica al mese. 

Qui il programma completo

British artists in Italy

The Italian Cultural Institute is proud of having supported two young British artists in the discovery of those special places in Italy where art meets craft. The project has given them the chance of improving their skills whilst working together with local artists and artisans.

Phoebe Collings-James

Matthew Stone

Past events:

Gaia Servadio in conversation with...

The series of conversations held by Gaia Servadio, one of the most brilliant British-Italian personalities, aims to be a meeting point between the two cultures, a direct contact between British characters with strong links to Italy and Italian characters who present our culture and influence in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Gaia Servadio in conversation with Mario Martone

Gaia Servadio in conversation with Antonio Pappano

Lunchtime recital series

The Institute has hosted 4 talented Italian pianists for a four concerts series at lunchtime. 
Here the full programme

Italian Language Week in the World
Under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic

Watch the videos of the events on our YouTube channel:

Tullio De Mauro & Giovanni Solimine: What Italian for how many Italians to write the new Europe

Antonella Anedda, Jamie McKendrick and Philip Terry: Poetry in Metamorphosis

Marino Sinibaldi, John Lloyd, with Tullio De Mauro: Un millimetro in la’ – intervista sulla cultura

Enrico Terrinoni, Declan Kiberd, with Susan Bassnett: Impossible translating, Joyce in Italian

Lucy Riall, Elisabetta Rasy: Confessions of an Italian
Here the leaflet.

Learn Italian at the Institute

Learn Italian with some of the best Italian teachers in London.

Whether you want to learn Italian for personal interest, everyday life, your profession or for university studies – you will not be disappointed with our courses...MORE

We also offer Certification of
proficiency in Italian as a foreign
language exams...MORE



Special event

-Early Georgian architecture and gardens and their Italian references: 1715-1750

Monday, December 01, 2014

Early Georgian architecture and gardens and their Italian references: 1715-1750

This event will be only in Italian. On Monday, 1st December, at 6:30 at the Italian Cultural Institute, Margherita Azzi Visentini - professor of History of Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, will give a talk on early Georgian architecture and gardens >>>


-LA CHIARASTELLA - Ambrogio Sparagna and Orchestra Popolare Italiana

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

LA CHIARASTELLA - Ambrogio Sparagna and Orchestra Popolare Italiana

Ambrogio Sparagnaconductor OPI Orchestra Popolare Italiana dell’Auditorium Parco della Musica. Organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in London. In collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in London, Consulate General of Italy in London, European >>>



Thursday, December 04, 2014


Thomas Butler presents Emanuele Arciuli piano Francesco Antonioni: Tre Preludi Diatonici (2010) Michele dall'Ongaro: Autodafé - Cinque modi di andare alla forca (1989/2004) Gianvincenzo Cresta: Tre Studi sull'immanenza (2011) ****** Cornelius >>>


-I Doc Italy: Stelvio. Crossroads of Peace by Alessandro Melazzini

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

I Doc Italy: Stelvio. Crossroads of Peace by Alessandro Melazzini

Stelvio. Crossroads of Peace is a documentary film about an extraordinary place in the heart of Europe: The Stelvio Pass. While the Stelvio alpine glacier is a big tourist attraction for summer skiing, the mountain road to the Pass - a wonder of engineering >>>


-Galileo Galilei: Observe, measure, explain.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Galileo Galilei: Observe, measure, explain.

Galileo and the Birth of Modern Science Prof. Malcolm Longair University of Cambridge Galileo: Time, Navigation, Measure Prof. Massimo Inguscio President, INRIM Galileo Galilei was at the centre of perhaps the most profound revolution which >>>


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